As a certified social enterprise based in London, Perceptum has a strong network of professionals and practitioners in various institutions in the UK and worldwide. Along with the expertise of its team, Perceptum is able to offer invaluable international consultancy projects across a broad number of sectors. These projects are tailor made, catering for the requirements of individuals and companies to take themselves or their business forward. We offer educational and training programmes to businesses and organisations that would like to develop their employees’ skills and expertise. We also work with individual professionals, offering a consulting service to those who are in search of sector-relevant training courses and certificate programmes.

Besides the above we also organise insightful field trips to relevant establishments to provide first-hand viewing of how successful organisations are operating; we provide customised education packages for both professionals and group of students who are looking to attend English-language courses as well as short-term placements; and we provide one-to-one guidance and support on the application process to academic institutions in the UK. We listen to the needs of our clients to ensure that we give the most useful personal service possible.

With expertise on contemporary market trends as well as a strong network of contacts, you can rest assured that you are in the safest possible hands when it comes to your educational requirements.

Click here for an introduction brochure and overview of our programmes.

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