Our Aim

Perceptum was established to ensure that our clients’ needs are acknowledged and met. We work tirelessly to meet the requirements of our clients in a number of areas including education, business knowledge and academia. Our team are specialised in various areas, meaning that we can allocate experienced professionals to the correct project.

Many people are keen to embrace a new start in their lives, whether this is a change in personal circumstances, or a change to their working lives. And this is what we help with, supporting you throughout the process with insightful, encouraging and informative assistance, all within a professional framework. We only succeed if you succeed, so your progress is our priority.

We have a number of aims within our service, namely:

  • Raising the standards of quality within the educational counselling sector
  • Helping educational establishments achieve their own progression goals
  • Serving both students and employers to give the best and most beneficial outcome
  • Promoting the training and counselling sector to raise awareness within both employers and those with influence to facilitate real change

We want to push the boundaries when it comes to the approaches taken when offering educational and vocational training – which will then lead to a shift in the ways in which organisations support and train their workforce. Through our tireless research and attention to details, we feel that we are succeeding.

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