Programmes for postgraduates & researchers


Postgraduates & Researchers

This programme is specifically designed for those who intend to pursue a Masters or a PhD degree in the UK and for academics/lecturers in the initial stages of their career who are passionate about enhancing their research skills. Whatever your purpose, this programme is a masterclass and a crash course specifically designed as an introduction to postgraduate education.

Postgraduate education is a unique path which involves self-exploration, expanding knowledge and learning more about conducting research. The transition from undergraduate to postgraduate studies presents numerous challenges and requires careful planning and substantial time and effort. This programme is designed to guide you in the right direction based on your interests and goals. One of the most significant aspects of this programme will be guided academic tours of leading British universities including the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, Imperial College, the London School of Economics (LSE), and University College London (UCL). Throughout the programme, there will be numerous opportunities for you to listen to and engage in conversations with academics and experts, graduate students, and with others who will serve as your advisors and mentors.

A common complaint of students is the fact that they cannot take advantage of training opportunities due to money constraints or lack of resources. Perceptum Education offers you affordable programmes with academic and professional benefits including learning about graduate school systems, Masters and PhD programmes, the UK higher education system, enhancing your skills and knowledge for postgraduate studies, building your application package, developing your academic perspective, and exploring postgraduate opportunities. Our one-week and 10-day tailor-made programmes are a great way of sparking your interest in your postgraduate path. They greatly enhance your understanding and grasp of academic life, the world of research and publishing, and boost your motivation for learning by immersing you in interactive lectures, seminars, workshops and meetings.

Our Academic Skills and Development for Postgraduate Students and Early Career Lecturers in Higher Education programme is designed to provide you with relevant knowledge and skills and inform you about the host of postgraduate opportunities available to you. The programme includes the
following modules: