Programmes for teacher education & development


Teacher Education & Development

Teaching is not just a job – it’s a vocation, taken up by those who really care about making a difference to those with the appetite to learn. It’s one of the most vital roles a person can fulfil, and helps make a huge difference to both individuals and society as a whole. At Perceptum, we understand how vital teachers are. That’s why we endeavour to impart our effective teaching strategies to teachers throughout the world – teaching strategies that keep pupils entertained and enthralled, while also providing them with the knowledge needed to succeed in their futures.

The range of services offered by Perceptum is all encompassing, ensuring that the needs of every teacher are met. All of our courses are targeted towards teachers using English as a second or foreign language, and who want to impart more effective instruction to their students – plus, they all take place in an enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere with leading names in the world of education.

These courses all have one similar goal in mind though: to facilitate the professional development of teachers throughout the world. All courses are also intensive, ranging in length from one through to two weeks.

The courses offered by Perceptum all allow to teachers to:

• Learn new and innovative teaching strategies
• Further understand the nuances of the English language
• Increase their proficiency of English within a classroom setting
• Understand the challenges faced by various types of students
• Become better at communicating subject specific information

Perceptum is based in three of the world’s most prestigious university cities – London, Oxford and Cambridge – and is able to capitalise on the world-class facilities offered by these leading educational cities. With teachers from throughout the world attending courses, it’s the perfect place to meet fellow professionals, share exciting ideas and learn new techniques.

Why not join Perceptum today, and find out how you can expand your professional development?