Programmes for teacher recruitment


Teacher Recruitment

Our teacher recruitment service aims to match qualified teachers with relevant jobs and roles, regardless of their teaching level. From teachers through to lecturers, we have the ability to reach out to potential employers throughout the world, thanks to our reputation and experiences in the education sector. We are also able to help those looking for management or administrative work within the education sector.

Why use a recruitment agency to find that perfect position? Perhaps the main reason is the fact that we are able to send a teacher’s details to some of the biggest educational institutions throughout the world – institutions that are always looking to recruit the best and brightest in their fields. Moreover, there is no waiting around, as applications made through us are fast-tracked and they land on relevant desks within days. We will also be able to use our expert knowledge to guide teachers through the recruitment process, making suggestions and offering advice throughout. The suggestions and advice can then be used by the teacher in order to make a good decision about their future employment.

As with everything we do, our recruitment service is also completely bespoke, designed around the teacher we are striving to help. It is all part of the excellent serve we aim to deliver to every client on a daily basis.

But why do we spend so much time trying to match teachers with their perfect positions? Well, the answer is simple: we think that teachers are amongst the most important people in the world, able to facilitate real change and make a real difference. And when you place the right teacher in the right position, their effect is hugely magnified. We like to think that in our own little way we therefore make a difference to the world.

Aside from assisting individual teachers, we are also able to work for educational establishments in finding the best teachers for their open positions. We strictly vet every single potential candidate to ensure their suitability, checking their professional qualifications and experience. We also do not limit our search to one country – our presence in many countries means that we are able to pick talent from a much larger pool. This means that there is a much better chance of finding the best teacher possible to fill your vacancy.

Thanks to our dedication in forming bonds with both teachers and educational establishments throughout the world, we have built up one of the best talent pools and career services around. We will keep building these relationships and placing teachers into roles that are perfect for them. It is what we do, and we think we do it well.

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