Programmes for undergraduates



In the 21st century, the qualities and competencies needed to develop a career: the ability to work in multidisciplinary teams; an appreciation for an array of cultures; and an understanding of diverse and changing societies, are not easily gained in a traditional teacher-centered classroom. To prepare for the job market and professional life, you need an immersive educational experience that fosters professional competencies that will enable you to be successful on your chosen career path. A combination of content knowledge and application skills combined with an understanding of societal needs and a commitment to life-long learning will give you the skills you need and a broad perspective on societal issues in global, local, economic and environmental contexts.

Targeted educational programmes can greatly help with stimulating the desire to delve deeper into the details of your chosen area of study. Giving you the opportunity to observe relevant practitioners, gain meaningful experiences and enhance your learning, these programmes are not only helpful in providing knowledge but can also give direction for your future professional life. Direct experiences that complement your curriculum content help you progress beyond mere learning to realising the intention and goal of your education, enabling you to make your study more focused, interesting, inspirational and meaningful.

A common complaint of students is the inability to take advantage of educational opportunities due to financial constraints. Perceptum Education offers affordable programmes with personal, professional and institutional benefits including: learning about an overseas higher education system, enhancing skills and knowledge, exchanging ideas and good practice, building confidence, broadening experiences and exploring career-related opportunities. Our 1-week and 2-week tailor-made programmes are a great way of sparking interest in career paths. They greatly enhance your understanding and grasp of your subject and increase your motivation for learning by encouraging you to take part in lectures, seminars, workshops and meetings. Our ‘Educational Programmes for Undergraduate Students’ programme is designed to provide the knowledge and skills relevant for the job market and inform you about the host of opportunities available for you. If you are a current university student, passionate about your discipline and studying one of the subjects listed below, this programme is specifically designed for you: