English & Football Camps


Improve your English and play football the Arsenal way, while discovering London and making friends from around the world! Perceptum English & Football Camps offer you an excellent combination of English lessons, professional football coaching, exciting full-day trips and many other activities!

This is a unique programme delivered using Arsenal Soccer Schools’ teaching philosophy. The programme includes soccer seminars about diet and nutrition, psychology, team tactics/formations and what makes a great player.

This two-week course is taught entirely in English, so students improve their language skills as they train and play.

Enjoy football and play the Arsenal way in a friendly environment!


  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Ages: 10-17 (boys only)
  • Dates: 25 June – 6 August (London Uxbridge)
  • Lessons: 15h of English lessons per week
  • Coaching: 20h of football coaching per week


  • Tuition will focus on spoken communication and will be based on a syllabus especially designed for those with an interest in soccer.
  • A dedicated coursebook will be used specifically designed for those wishing to communicate with players, coaching staff, journalists, agents and fans.
  • Lessons will cover vocabulary for use on the pitch and in commentaries.
  • In additional to formal language input the course will involve pair and group work as well as role plays and opportunities to use the language practically.


  • This programme gives students an opportunity to improve their soccer skills under the guidance of specialist Arsenal football coaches.
  • Coaching sessions are carried out in small groups and aim to develop the players in the tried and tested “Arsenal Way”
  • Physical skills will include: passing and moving, speed agility and quickness, shooting and heading and attack and defence.
  • Teamwork skills will also be developed with areas such as communication, spatial awareness, movement and vision and adaptability and cover.


  • A series of seminars will allow students to develop extensive knowledge of areas surrounding the game.
  • Topics such as diet and nutrition, team tactics and formations, psychology and What Makes A Great Player will be explored.

Starting dates for summer 2017:

25 June – 09 July 2017 (2 weeks)
09 July – 23 July 2017 (2 weeks)
23 July – 06 August 2017 (2 weeks)

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