Summer School Academy 2018

Summer School Academy

“Summer School Academy & Exploring the Top UK Universities” programme is a combination of language development courses and site visits to prestigious universities in three popular cities with exceptionally inspiring environments: Oxford, Cambridge and London.

Learners of English rarely find a chance to use English for authentic purposes. They do not see the relevance of language content presented to them in the classroom. Therefore, they may desperately feel the need to practise what they learn in school.

The programme offers students the opportunity to improve their language skills, particularly listening and speaking. Students will learn how to better interact with others who speak English in their everyday life. Thanks to a great deal of exposure to the English-speaking environment, they will be able to develop their communication strategies using real English. In addition, students will have a great opportunity to explore universities and colleges.

With our “Summer School Academy & Exploring the Top UK Universities” Programme in Oxford, Cambridge and London, students will be able to:

  • Improve their English language skills on holiday
  • Experience British culture and daily life
  • Make new friends from all over the World
  • Participate in unforgettable excursions and trips
  • Practice their communication skills while visiting museums, galleries and historic buildings
  • Explore academic environment in cutting-edge universities and colleges
  • Think seriously about their future career plan and academia

By studying in an English-speaking environment, students will become more confident and fluent in English. But our Summer School Academy isn’t just about learning English, it’s a fantastic holiday and a chance to explore future career plans and their subject area of interest.

We offer these exclusive summer school programmes tailored to your preferences as well.

Please see sample schedules for ONE WEEK and TWO WEEKS.

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Summer School Academy & Exploring the Top UK Universities