Business Management and Finance with English Support

Join Perceptum on our bespoke study programme that takes you on an exciting educational journey to some of the world’s best universities’ Business, Management and Finance Departments. Students with a passion for Business, Management and Finance will have the amazing opportunity to visit famous historical landmarks and museums in London, Oxford and Cambridge at the same time as improving their English language skills. This unforgettable experience includes amazing tours of leading financial companies and the chance to explore the cities of London, Oxford and Cambridge.

Second only to Wall Street, the City of London is one of the world’s financial capitals and is home to many iconic financial institutions such as the Bank of England. This trip allows university students to experience first-hand how business works in the modern world and learn how business and financial markets have changed and developed over the years. Students will gain invaluable insights into working and succeeding in the global business environment.

At Perceptum, our aim is to inspire students to further study, and we are delighted to offer this programme that gives students the opportunity to gain different perspectives that will be key to advancing along their chosen academic career path. This is a fantastic opportunity for business, management and finance lovers keen to learn more about in this field and improve their English at the same time.

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