As an international service based in London, we offer our assistance to students from all over the world, with our services stretching beyond the UK to non-English speaking countries. Our services include assistance in language; academic and vocational courses; as well as undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. We also offer assistance and advice on work and study placement programmes and help families looking for a place for their children within schools overseas. Additionally, we offer personal services in confidence, such as help with application procedures, placement, required visas, insurance and accommodation.

We have ensured that we only employ the very best in their fields – professionals with an intricate knowledge of their sector. This specialisation ensures that we are able to offer not only a specialized professional service, but also one tailored to individual requirements. This is the case not just for those looking for education in England, but throughout the rest of the world as well – including students looking to study in Canada, Australia and the USA.

Once we have found a placement for students, our role does not finish. This is because we provide continual support to all students throughout their educational experience. Moreover, we will already have assessed the institution, to ensure that it suitably matches our own reputation. We will also liaise with the families of students, as we know that sending their beloved ones to study abroad is often tough on them too. So, students can concentrate on what is important – their education – without having to worry about everything else life throws at them.

All students will be assigned their own personal counsellor, who will be their point of contact throughout their time studying. These counsellors will be matched to the student to ensure the best possible relationship.